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I am Allan Hilder, web-savvy owner of Another Way Of Life, Andalucia country property specialists.

We started our web presence with a self-built site in 2006. Two years later we moved up to a site hosted by property website specialists. We lived with the first of these for three years before switching to another that promised (but did not deliver) greater sophistication. The problem with both was that their database and systems were designed for a fairly standard property product where the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, for example, are key factors.
Our country properties are all entirely different from one another and didn’t fit well within these standard offers. We paid for several modifications but the end result, when it finally arrived, was never exactly what we wanted.

Allan Hilder - Another Way of LifeIn early 2014 we absorbed a second agency and sought to revitalise their website. With disastrous results. It is very easy to be tempted by the visual appearance of a web designers offer. Unfortunately, what works in some industries does not work in others. Fortunately for us, after living with this patched up and wholly unsatisfactory site for six months, we found Pete at WebSpain through a mailshot. 

Initially we sought only advice on how to improve the site we had already developed. However, after seeing a mock-up that Pete did and experimenting with a property database that he recommended, we had sufficient confidence to abandon both of our existing sites and to commission eight new bespoke sites, all working under the same style and all interlinked via a complex set of tables.

This has enabled us to take charge, not only of the style of our sites, but also of the way that they function. We are no longer satisfied to live within the restrictions of a standard property specialist’s site. We now believe that, with our own vision and Pete’s skill, we can make any modification, no matter how large or small, which will improve our productivity or our clients experience on visiting the site.

So effective has been the visual change and improved ease of navigation that we have recently been invited to submit a portfolio to the International Property Awards for 2015 in the category Real Estate Agency - Spain. We are up against very large international agencies such as Savills, but you never know! 

With Pete’s help the sites have become something to be proud of, and we look forward to working with WebSpain for many years to come.

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Business Websites Spain

Business Broker Spain is the leading vendor for businesses for sale in Spain, with the Directors selling businesses here for over 25 years combined. Our profile has to be unsurpassed, not only do our vendors expect our marketing to be high profile but clients need to find us.  

Contacting Pete at WebSpain many years ago was one of the best business decisions we have ever made! His honesty and eye for detail have made our business stand out from the crowd, exactly what you want your website to do, after all it's the front window to your business.

The new Google updates on the 21st April 2015, have changed how websites are appraised by Google, meaning every website has to be "mobile friendly". This gave Business Broker Spain the opportunity to create a fresh new design of website and logo in order to be mobile friendly to Google's specifications. The result which WebSpain has produced is not only impressive but completely mobile friendly and ready for the change. 

We have built a sound business relationship over many years with WebSpain. As a consequence we have introduced many of our clients to their services, all of which, like ourselves, have been more than happy.  The extra mile WebSpain go to is very much appreciated.

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Sunday, 24 November 2013 23:00

About WebSpain

Web Design Spain

build a range of user friendly content management websites that give your business the edge that it needs in today's competitive marketplace. We ensure that you are well prepared for the future, by building a platform that gives you the credibility and presence that you need to drive your business forward online. All sites come with responsive frameworks giving full mobile compatibility across all devices.

WebSpain are a second generation family business with a track record going back to 1988 in IT, and 1998 in Web Development. We offer clients a dynamic, cost effective and professional Spain Web Design service.....with a straightforward no-nonsense approach.

Plus, we don't talk in technical jargon, or try to present a relatively simple procedure as an operation of mammoth proportions purely to inflate the price to the unknowing client. And unlike many others, we ask for zero payment before commencing work on your project.
Only when the client is presented with the site that they want, within the timeframe and budget discussed, do we ask for payment. If we are unable for whatever reason to deliver the site that you want.....then you owe us nothing!

Essentially, no commitment is required from you whatsoever until you've seen a demo of the site and it meets your expectations. That's the way we've always done business.....and it's never going to change. We are always totally honest and upfront about everything, and you can be assured that whatever we promise......we deliver! So if you're serious about business, then you need the services of somebody who will take your business as seriously as you do. You need WebSpain!

We're trusted by over 500 clients across 10 countries. Those include NATO affiliated military divisions, international travel agencies, medical professionals, media companies, online stores, retail stores, property agents, yacht brokers, vehicle rental agencies, haulage companies, building contractors, community groups and many more!

With an industry longevity and level of customer support that is unsurpassed, can you afford not to find out more? Contact us now at 

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Sunday, 24 November 2013 23:00

WebSpain - Web Design Spain

Web Design Spain

WebSpain deliver web design in Spain with a range of web design services and business web hosting solutions for British businesses in Spain. For all types of Spain website design, we can meet and exceed your expectations at very competitive prices. All of our sites are built with responsive frameworks that give full mobile compatibility across all devices.

Another very important aspect today is Social Media! All our sites have full social media compatibility with content sharing from then on it's easy for you to keep promoting and marketing your business.

WebSpain view all our clients as strategic business partners!
So choosing us to build a website for you is only the first stage in a longterm business relationship. There's a reason we have over 500 clients across 10 countries, in 6 different languages, some with us for over 10 years, and the majority for over 5 years.

With UK IT industry experience dating back to 1988, and web design services since 1998, we have a track record that few, if any, can match. We're a second generation family business with all the necessary skills in-house, many years of experience, total dedication and commitment, old school values like integrity and honesty........and probably the most intense work ethic you will ever find!

Remember that there is no best web design company.....just the Web Design Company that's best for you! But do your research! Discover who has a longterm, proven, and verifiable track record in the industry, and always take up references! You need someone who's going to be there for you in the future!
One thing's for sure......WebSpain are here to stay! It's not just our's our life! We understand exactly what it takes to make a success of a business online. The longevity of our business, our rock solid and proven infrastructure, and countless client testimonials And you can also have that total confidence and peace of mind that comes with using WebSpain.

We believe that we offer the most comprehensive business package in the industry today. Factor in the combination of a quality web design service, enterprise strength web hosting, unparalleled levels of customer service 365 days a year, and you'll see why we are unique in what we do. Can you afford not to find out more? Contact us now at 

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