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My Name is Nick Aylieff and I am the owner of Classic Motor Sales. It all started back in December of 2008 when I was living in Spain and I stumbled across the idea of online advertising for the Classic Car Business. The UK was reeling in the turmoil of the now famous Credit Crisis and after extensive research I discovered that two types of business were flourishing - on line advertising and the Classic Car business.
Wealthy business men were investing their hard earned cash in Classic Cars instead of the ever changing world of the stock markets and I decided this would be a good time to take advantage of the situation.

Web Design Spain business websitesI decided that I would start a website dedicated to the sales of Classic Cars, I started getting quotes from various web design companies on the Costa Blanca and to my dismay all the quotes that came back were far too high for my budget.
I then found a guy that offered to build me a site for 500 euros, he even went as far to build me a dummy site so I could see what it could look like. It turned out to be a very poor impression of a site and not one I could consider launching my business with.

All went quiet for a while, then after a relaxed conversation with a client and friend I was given the contact details of Pete from WebSpain. He came highly recommended with value for money, web design knowledge and dedication high on the list.

It was at this time that my ideas for my business really came alive, from the very first conversation with Pete I felt safe that my plans were in good hands. I gave him a brief specification, with style and ease of use a priority, and he quickly delivered a dummy website to whet my appetite.

From the very first moment Pete was clear and precise on what could and could not be delivered and we struck up a great working relationship which remains to this day. After a few weeks of work on the site, with a few tweaks here and there on the design I was delivered a site that far out reached my expectation. Pete had provided me a great platform to begin launching my business.

I am now living back in the UK and my website and business is flourishing, this would not have been possible without the support from Pete, he has provided me with 24 hour cover and is always at the end of the phone offering invaluable advice. We speak most days where I run new ideas past him regarding the evolution of the site. The nature of the business is such that we have to implement changes to the site quickly to satisfy the requirements of my clients and Pete never fails to deliver on this.

There will be a Classic Motor Sales 2 and there are other ideas regarding website businesses that I will be contracting Pete to do in the future. I can highly recommend Pete and WebSpain.

Nick Aylieff

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