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World Wide Catamarans

World Wide Catamarans Ltd owe a huge amount of our success entirely down to Pete at WebSpain.
In 2009, we had quotes to get a site done for us that were up to six times more than Pete asked for, so this is one of the only exceptions to the statement that “You get what you pay for”.
In fact with Pete you get much more than what you pay for, and that is an understatement.
We were initially worried that Pete did not live nearby and if he could understand our business. But these worries soon went away, when we realised how much he knows his business. He also cares about the results which is important to us and everything was done remotely.

As far as our site is concerned we are more than happy, in fact ecstatic at the results.
The fact is that you may have the best site in the world, but unless someone sees it, it is a big waste of money. But Pete knows all the tricks to give maximum exposure within his hosting package, and will design your site to achieve maximum results and get your site in front of your competition.
Believe me when I say, contact Pete and talk to him about your site, before you make a big, expensive mistake which it will take you a long time to put right!

Graham Stimson 

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