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St Georges European Ltd offer relocation and storage solutions across Europe, mainly Spain, UK and France. Our main offices are based in Kent UK and Malaga Spain. We operate a weekly service between the UK and Spain on a part load or dedicated basis, and specialise in UK Spain Removals.

We carry out a lot of advertising throughout UK and Spain, but most of our new enquiries and sales are through our websites who are designed and maintained by Pete at WebSpain. Pete has put a lot of work and effort into our sites and has really looked into our business needs and is always coming up with ideas and improvements.

Our latest improvements include social networking - which we had no idea about! But Pete showed us how to set it all up and linked our social networking to the websites which will hopefully improve exposure for the future. 

St Georges European Ltd can not thank him enough for his talent and hard work. He has focused on our competitors and done everything possible to get us noticed, and it works! We have seen a vast improvement in enquiries since Pete has been involved with our web design and hosting. Pete was originally recommended to us by a colleague of ours in 2010, and he has been hosting our three websites, and dealing with all our email accounts since then.

We like the fact that Pete is always there if we need him. Even if he's not in the same country as us he can always help us out by phone or email!

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