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Google Plus.....and Why You Need It!

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Speaking to clients I invariably get a negative reaction when I suggest they focus on using Google Plus to promote their businesses. Normally it goes along the lines of "I don't like it", "I find it confusing", "Nobody goes on there" fact I've even been told "Why bother.....I've heard it may be closing down?"

Unfortunately within this industry so much misinformation and disinformation gets circulated by self appointed "experts" it's sometimes difficult to establish who is actually talking common sense rather than just idly speculating. Not wanting to appear to be one of those radical, free thinking individuals who base their mantras on everything other than cold hard facts,  I'll buck the trend and just give you the reality of the situation. Then you decide!

1. Let's debunk the myth of "closing down". The fact is that Google Plus has over 300 million active users. I would suggest that not even the legendary Gerald Ratner would be crazy enough to close down something of that magnitude!

2. Google Plus is directly linked to Google Search. Absolute fact!

3. When you post content on your Google Plus page, you increase your chances of getting ranked and found in searches.

4. Any content that you promote gets indexed in search results virtually immediately.....whereas it could take weeks for Google to spider it on your site.

5. When you add your business address to your Google Plus page, you have a good chance of it appearing in the search results along with a full Google Map, directions, and business profile.

6. It enables you to promote your own profile along with the business profile, introducing the personal element rather than just a corporate entity. In fact, your Google Plus profile photo will show up in the rankings drawing peoples' attention immediately. That's a a great way to stand out from the crowd. 

7. By getting more friends and followers on the network you increase your chances of getting more +1's on your article.....which then get picked up via the indexing process. So it snowballs!

8. Author Rank! This is a fairly new development and represents a shift in direction from Google which focusses less on SEO elements within the site, and more of a focus on the individuals who actually generate and distribute the content. This enables you to potentially establish yourself as an authority figure within your industry. 

9. Google Plus profiles are now appearing in the search results on the right hand side, and these include all the recent posts that you have made. So people are encouraged to look at you much more closely.

10. We all want Google to recommend us highly in their natural organic searches, and Google Plus is an integral part of their company. So it only makes sense that you embrace their initiatives. Bottom line is.....if you want them to promote you, then actually give them something to work with.

I'd summarise by saying that what we're seeing now is a move by Google to integrate their search engine dominance and their social media network. So I can forsee a situation where social marketing on their platform and SEO initiatives are going to be inextricably linked.

Don't get left behind on this......just make sure that you're really concentrating on your Google Plus promotional activity!

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