WebSpain can meet and exceed all your expectations for business web design services at very competitive prices, starting from €695. CONTACT US NOW!
WebSpain offer our web design clients premium web hosting services in the UK and US on our private Dedicated Servers! CONTACT US NOW!


7 days a week Support
E-Mail / Phone / Skype
Personal Service
Experienced Personnel
Unsurpassed Reliability

 Web Design

Business Websites from €750
UK Established in 1998
2nd Generation Family Business
500+ clients across 10 countries
All websites mobile compatible

 Web Hosting

Private Dedicated Servers located in the UK and US, solely for our web design clients.

WebSpain - Web Design in Spain

WebSpain deliver web design in Spain with a range of web design services and business web hosting solutions for British businesses. For all types of Spain website design, we can meet and exceed your expectations at very competitive prices!
Starting a new business? Current website outdated? Losing business because competitors' sites are more professional? 


WebSpain - British Business Website Design in Spain

We believe that the level of service we offer to our clients is unsurpassed! But what do they think of us? Read Reviews!

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Web Design Spain
Web Design WebSpain deliver web design in Spain with a range of web design services and business web hosting solutions for British businesses in Spain. Built with responsive frameworks that give full mobile compatibility.
Web Hosting Spain
Web Hosting WebSpain offer our clients the benefit of premium web hosting services in the UK and US. Reliability, consistency, server speed, and security are paramount to ensure that your business is being promoted effectively.
WebSpain Datacentres
WebSpain Datacentres WebSpain offer secure and professional business web hosting services from two worldwide Datacentre locations that you can choose from: 4D-DC Datacentre London and Steadfast Datacentre Chicago!
WebSpain Clients
WebSpain Clients We have over 500 clients across 10 countries! Including governmental departments, military bases, international travel agencies, medical professionals, Churches, property agents, and yacht brokers.

Client Focus: TLP Albacete

WebSpain Client Focus
In March 2011, WebSpain were appointed as the sole provider of web development and web hosting services to the Tactical Leadership Programme. 
Discover if WebSpain measure up to the elite standards of excellence and security demanded by the TLP!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What days are you open for business?

A:Our support is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year! It has to be, simply because the internet never closes.......so neither can we! Therefore you can be assured that your site and your business is in good hands. We've always got your back!

How long have you been in business?

A:WebSpain are a second generation family business with a track record going back to 1988 in IT, and 1998 in Web Development. When we moved to Spain in 2005, we then rebranded as WebSpain to reflect our new location.

How much does a website cost?

A:Every website is different, and cost will depend on your area of business and your specific requirements. As a general guide, our sites start from €750 for basic business sites, and from €975 for property agent websites.

Is my data safe and secure?

A:Unlike many others who are only hosting resellers using other web hosting providers, we have our own Dedicated Servers in London and Chicago. These run the commercial R1Soft Backup system that takes 10 incremental restore points a month.

Do you sub-contract your work to third parties?

A:We do not sub-contract any of our work to third parties! We never have and never will, as everything is done in-house. Essentially, you deal with us directly for all your web design and web hosting requirements.

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User Expectations

When clients come to us for a website they generally have a list of expectations or requirements. Of course, that helps us to identify exactly what needs to be implemented in order to meet their…

Google's NoHacked campaign!

Google have now released a State of Website Security in 2016 review......based on it's statistics from last year. And it's an eye-opener! Because in 2016 the number of hacked sites has increased by 32%…

Website Warnings

Google has now started sending out warnings to users that are running outdated and vulnerable software installations. Which is what we have been doing for years in order to ensure our clients are not at risk.…

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