Business Web Hosting Services

WebSpain run two Private Dedicated Servers for our clients - one in the UK, and the other in the US. 
Unlike most web developers, who resell other companies' hosting services (essentially acting as a middleman) we run our own servers. We actually are the web hosts......not an intermediary between their design clients and the real hosting company. WebSpain don't share server resources with anybody.

Secure and professional web hosting services are provided as part of our Managed Service Plans in two worldwide locations (Amsterdam and Atlanta). These are both prestigious datacentres that are connected to premium business networks. Reliability, consistency, server speed, and security are paramount to ensure that your business is being promoted effectively.

The wrong location on a low budget, overloaded, and unreliable server is not a professional platform on which to do business. Your website is a critical part of your business......but how seriously do you really take it? You need to know where your site is located, what server security is in place, and if there are site backups!

If you cannot confirm that protective measures are in place to safeguard your critical data then your business (and your future) are at risk! However, there is a more professional option! WebSpain run private servers in the UK and US for our clients.....and we don't provide budget shared hosting as others do, we deliver enterprise strength account management and data security. There's a big difference!

Do not confuse our services as listed below with the basic web hosting accounts that are sold by hosting providers. They are two TOTALLY different things! Because we do not sell basic web hosting services, we deliver Managed Service Plans which include hosting services for our web design clients.

What we provide with our Managed Services Plans

Site security updates applied on day of release.
Site errors rectified subject to site software being current.
Enterprise strength site security firewall.
Malware removal using Cloud based Auto Clean.
Uptime monitor checking site connectivity every 5 minutes.
Proactive monitoring of site and server security notifications.
E-Mail delivery monitoring.
Ongoing DNSBL IP Reputation Checks.
Ongoing Domain Reputation checks by Google Safebrowsing.
Daily account backups using Acronis Backup.
Twice a day database backups.
PHP version upgrades subject to site software being current.
Immediate site and mailbox restoration.
GDPR compliancy implementation.
SSL / Dedicated IP address implementation.
Secure Links.
cPanel account control panel.

Cloud Linux optimised servers.
OpsShield commercial server security system.
Sites protected within CageFS individual containers. 

KernelCare seamless operating system security updates.
CSF Firewall.
cPHulk Brute Force Detection.
Shell Fork Bomb Protection.
RootKit Hunter.

Optimised ModSecurity rules.
LiteSpeed Technology.
High CPU, RAM, and disk inode allocations.
SSD Hard Disks.
Rapid support response to clients.

Please note that no web host will manage, update, and rectify faults on your WEBSITE. All they support is the SERVER and the NETWORK. The website is your responsibilty! 

However, we support SERVER, NETWORK, and WEBSITE.......which represents total peace of mind for our clients!

Please note that our enterprise level hosting resources are only available for our web design clients as a component within our Managed Service Plans.

Enterprise Strength Managed Web Hosting

Cloud Linux Servers

Increased security, enhanced server efficiency and stability. Your site is isolated from all other accounts on the server.

Litespeed Technology

Fast page loading and capable of handling thousands of concurrent clients with minimal CPU and memory consumption.

Enterprise Strength Security

Powerful Web Application Firewall with intrusion detection and prevention, plus malware scanner with cloud-based auto clean.

International Datacentres

WebSpain run Private Dedicated Servers for our web design clients - one in Amsterdam (NL) and the other in Atlanta (US).

Unsurpassed Support

Over the years we have built up a legendary reputation for our fast response 7 days a week if our clients need assistance.

Peace of Mind

No webhost updates and rectifies errors on your Site, only Server and Network. We manage Site, Server, and Network.

Web Hosting Spain

Don't Take Chances!

If you are a business professional then you need experienced internet professionals to protect your interests.

Find out how our enterprise strength web hosting infrastructure can give you the elite levels of security and reliability that you need!