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4D-DC Datacentre

WebSpain offer secure and professional web hosting services from two international locations.......London and Chicago!

4D-DC - London Datacentre
3 x Riello UPS units giving N+1 resilience with a high input power factor 0.99.
Power walk-in function that ensures progressive rectifier start up.
High performance filter, protecting its upstream power supply sources from harmonics.
Monitored by Riello and 4D in real time, plus monitored continuously and manually checked daily by the 4D technical team.
Automated daily battery test and preventative maintenance carried out by Riello twice a year.
6 x Airedale DX CRAC units (N+1 cooling capacity).
Cold aisle containment system recently installed throughout datafloor to improve air-conditioning efficiencies, increase server cooling capacity and allow for higher density racks.
Current configuration delivers air at 22 degrees centigrade to all cold aisle corridors.
FM-200 gas fire suppression system in both datafloor and UPS room.
4 x VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) units strategically positioned throughout datafloor.
158 x ionic and optical smoke detectors strategically placed throughout the datafloor (both above and below the sub-floor plenum).
Beam smoke detectors strategically placed in loading bay area.
FM-200, VESDA, smoke and beam detectors connected to a Morley (Honeywell) intelligent multi-protocol fire alarm control panel.

Steadfast Chicago Datacentre
Facility Details:
* Raised floors
* 6,000 sq ft (expandable to 30,000 sq ft)
* Floor Load—250lbs per sq ft
* Power Density—Up to 10kW per cabinet
* 24×7 Technical Support Staff On-site
* Generator Capacity—1.5MW Caterpillar (expandable to 3x 1.5MW + pull-up generator tap)
* UPS Capacity—750 kVA Chloride UPS N+1, 15 min battery capacity (expandable to 4.5 MW)
* Utility Power—5MW
* CRAC—4×70 ton Stulz Units, N+1 (expandable to 20×70 ton)
* Fire Suppression—VESDA particulate detection, clean agent extinguishers, Pre-action dry pipe sprinkler
* Chillers—230+ ton Smardt Units N+1 Chillers, 2N Pumps (expandable to 1050 tons)
* Fiber Diversity—Dual fully diverse fiber paths, building entry points, and in-building riser
* Available Networks—Atlantic Metro Communications, Steadfast Networks, Abovenet, AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Level(3) & RCN
* Transport Services—1.25Gbps, 10Gbps DWDM Waves, Layer 2 Transport to 600/700 Federal (Abovenet) & 350 East Cermak (TelX/MMR & Equinix)
* Internal Cabling—Cat6/6a for 10Gbps Ethernet, SMF/MMF available, overhead fiber trays
* Proximity card access controls and 24×7 camera monitoring & recording

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